R&M Surveys and Audits Ltd
Measuring the client's experience live


Companies, chain stores, and franchise invest a great deal of money in order to provide their client  with the perfect consumer's experience, alongside the best possible service, through guidance and professional training among their salesmen and service providers and implementing the highest standards during the encounter, but…

  • Is this really the way your customer feels?
  • Do your salespeople/service providers actually provide the best service?
  • Do your salespeople/service providers follow the company's regulations?
  • Do your salespeople/service providers implement the content carried out in your courses?

We can provide you answers to your questions and dilemmas! 

  • The models and measures that analyze the "customer experience" and customer satisfaction, are personalized according to each client; the data is updated and presented during real-time.
  • We collect the date through a skilled and experienced audit system; spread nationwide, using the program R&M-Online. This advanced program allows you to receive updates and performance measures- both specific and accumulated in real-time.

Our Services

Mystery Shopping (audio/video/pic)
ü Mystery Calling / Mystery Mailing
ü Mystery E-Shopping
ü Quality & service checks
ü Experience test purchases
ü Store checks
ü Promotion checks
ü Feedback checks
ü Internal Audits
Customer Experience Management
ü Satisfaction Research
ü Dealer satisfaction
üEmployee satisfaction
ü Benchmark


Why Us?

ü Extensive experience in managing projects in customer experience.

ü An innovative system that enables the collection of data from complementary and real-time content worlds and presenting them in a unified panel

ü High availability and quick response to inquiries.

ü Quality service while providing personal attention.

ü Quality auditors – qualified, dedicated and well professional training

ü Reliability, transparency and coordination of expectations

R&M Online

ü Enables the customer to view "real-time" data, which are analyzed  in a customized manner, against meeting targets and analyzing trends over time.

 ü Manage tasks, set up schedules and send alerts via email and SMS, using the R & M Online unique system

 ü The organization can use our apps (Android, IOS) to perform "internal" audits with built in forms, while creating a significant advantage.


Industries Experience

  Automobiles, Food chains, Hotels and hospitality, Energy and Gas Stations, Retail Chains, Banking, Investment Banking, Insurance, Airlines and Tourism, Fashion, luxury Stores

 And more……

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